How I Changed My Commute From 30 Minutes To 30 Seconds

I make my coffee each morning in a fancy coffee blender, which reminds me of my old job every time. It reminds me off grinding life that I was having there and when I put this coffee in my cup the creamy foam reminds me of life I am enjoying right now on my terms. Those soft benefits, salary on time and no risk were just the things that kept employees like me happy to come to work every day. And for 14 years I did that.

But in Sept 2018, there was no place I’d rather be than home with my family when I planned to leave my job. But I still remember when I discussed that with my family my 15yrs daughter asked me What’s next and that triggered as I can’t sit idle and can’t work under somebody and not a single penny to invest in business. That’s when I began to think about work again and remember words of my colleague that “Business is always done without money” really….

So, on a serious note I thought I had been promoted at most of my jobs and had always considered myself a team player. I was reliable, conscientious and a good communicator. I liked work and all the responsibility and fulfilment that came with it. I just wasn’t ready to dive back into 9-5 scenario.

Determined to find the right fit, I took to the Internet and did some research. And that’s where I found it, the hidden gem: Virtual Assistance. I found a website dedicated to flexible, work-from-home positions, but again working for someone no ways…., I wanted to start something but what that too without money where my skills are utilize, one where I would be among other like-minded professionals, one where I could make an impact. I found a name of my new company “The Virtual Wiz-your extra pair of hands”.

So now I spend a few hours each day services I can give to all those who can’t afford to keep a EA at their office but can take services of VA. I started providing support to my clients, from the comfort of my home office. My clients are mostly located no matter where, Or more, importantly, where I am. Being that conscientious team player means that my clients know they can count on us to ensure their industrial-sized expansion joints make it through Customs and deliver to the worksite on time. For now, I dedicate my time to a small list of clients, but expanding on my own pace, I hope to increase my client portfolio. Who’s next on my client list…an online retailer or an international coach? An eco-travel company or a jeweller? Time will tell, and that’s part of the excitement!

As you can imagine, the transition from scheduling my boss’s calendar to scheduling client projects was daunting, to say the least. After 14+ years out of a traditional office environment, gearing up for my new life as a VA was exciting albeit a touch scary. But that’s a story for next time.

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