Love You Zindagi

For everyone life has a different definition for some it’s good, for some it’s bad and for few it’s struggle but for me it’s like a roller coaster ride but still I love it. My mantra for life is “Love you Zindangi”. Life can never be same for all it is always different so why to give up why not love life as it comes.

I appreciate more than ever how the “respect” factor plays a role in all of our relationships, and this made me think how I’ve chosen which clients to partner with as a Virtual Assistant. I admit I’ve been on both sides of the fence over the years.

I was born in a conservative family but a girl with full of BIG dreams an average student in school and with less of girlfriends as my father never allowed us to mingle much with boys but still I had more of them. My mother a docile lady who never ever said what she wants but always smiled. She was my actual strength and weakness too. After my 12th my father wanted me to get married and live his life peacefully but I wanted to do LAW brought form but my dreams shattered when he tore that in front of me, but from that day onwards I geared up myself and never asked my parents for money started to work in trade fairs and paid my college fees

I started living my life on my terms & condition but never regretted. Got married to guy I wanted, wore those clothes which I wanted to wear and eventually my father accepted me the way I am and accepted my dreams and aspirations. I still remember I was the one in whole family who started this culture of Love Marriage, though there were ups & downs but I managed them on my own. I firmly believe that nothing in this world can make you happy but only your right attitude takes you places.

I Worked for almost 14yrs , all on my terms , but 9-5 never gave me pleasure. I got immense success in my career but left my job when my career was at peak and started my own play school. The times then became tough for my family as my husband was jobless due to recession and I had incurred heavy losses in business. I was under a debt of 21lacs and my business partner had cheated me. Lenders were at home and I couldn’t find a way out for the same. In all this hustle, the worst fear of mine had come true…, my husband tried to commit suicide and I had no support, but still I carried my smile and within 4 months started again a job with a decent salary and became the man of the house. Time passed and I got growth in job, but I was still restless as I knew something big was on my way.

On 8th Sept’18, I resigned from my ideal job where I was getting respect, power & money but suddenly my self-respect was at stake. When I discussed at home, that I wanted to start something of my own the feedback that I received was “do anything but don’t to business as kids are growing and we don’t have money to lose”

Before my last working day which was on 8th Oct’18 me & one of my colleague was just discussing what’s next and “I said I don’t know but one thing is clear I will not do job as I will not get a boss like I have” he laughed & said start business” I smiled & looked at him and said “I don’t have money to do business” and I was shocked to hear what he said, he said “Preeti to do business you don’t need money” this time I laughed and said “are you serious”, I still remember his words he said “JUST THINK”.

It took me 5 days to figure out that business does not need money, and started my own company” The Virtual Wiz-Your extra pair of hands”.

I firmly believe if you won’t plunge into something you would never come to know that can you dive or not. With no dilemma in my mind I started this firm with a staff of 1 person and over a period of time of 6 months I have a team of 8 people across India.

People often talk about women empowerment and we need to work for women up-liftment, but I say it’s all BULL SHIT. Empowerment comes from home itself, where women can take the financial and other matters in her hand. Empowering and uplifting women is for creating a pathway for women to contribute in the society and to create awareness that if you dream big you can achieve big.

It’s my passion and dream to help every woman in gaining financial independence and also not only empowering them monetarily but also giving them the right mindset to achieve the same. If you look at our working class segment of women in India you would find according to studies that they are either suffering from depression or have quitted their jobs to manage work life balance. What I feel is that every corporate should be sensitizing the topic of work life balance in their office space and incorporate the best practises to make such things happen in the working environment.

So, one of the Motto of my organization is to create self reliant women in the society and also create conducive environment for women to perform better and excel in work. Further my firm also have the workforce of women that are fully devoted to giving time for work but due to family reasons or any other personal setback in their lives were not able to join mainstream corporate.

These females are not employees but I call them “Partners” in my business. This is the ownership that I give them in my brand. I firmly believe that best of productivity comes out when a person has a sense of ownership in any organization.

My clientele basically involves SME’s , Start-ups and Individual entrepreneurs who are looking for back office support and management of office so that they are relieved from tension of the backend and more focused on present sales growth of the company.

Thus, I am continuing with my journey of new adventures and learning’s…. So start loving life it’s beautiful…

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