My Journey from Corporate Employee To VA

I always loved to listen to stories of one’s career and that always fascinated me but never knew that I also carry many stories related to my career struggle.

I also cringe when I hear people complain about being caught in jobs they are completely not suited for, are exhausted, have dreaded commutes, unhappy co-workers and unhealthy work environments. Really! I can relate, because I experienced just that and never followed my passion but deep down my heart, I knew that I have not meant for 9-5 jobs

For 15 years as a Trainer, Administrative or Executive Assistant, I sampled many variations of the corporate world and always learned and exceled in whatever I did. So, you could say I have a wide range of experience of clocking 9 to 5 with every type of work environment you can think of. Not that it was all bad; some of it was fabulous, and I’m very grateful for all the fulfilment and character building it gave me.

What hit me around 2018 however, was that I was already working and suddenly resigned as I was not getting positive vibes without even thinking now where will money come from to run my family.

That’s how thought of VA popped up that I can help people by giving my services “virtually”. The idea of “remote” administrative assistance started to appeal….

While working as a secretary in a stressful civic environment, I grew increasingly envious of their lifestyle. “How do I do that?” I would ask myself. Ah the creativity, the freedom, the change of routine… With the support of my partner and friend, I finally proclaimed “I can do this!” and quit my job,The journey began.

Then a fork in the road opened up and I moved to this journey and hired women who have left their jobs due to any reason and want to start their career again.

In 2018, as I stepped out of one world and into another, the concept of virtual assistance was there but not very prominent. It was the honeymoon phase for me as I was giving a shape to my passion. With writing as my first love, it was refreshing to work with such a variety of clients, all trying to keep up to the demand and suddenly after leaving a job you become super busy. I jumped at the opportunity and also stated exploring new markets that doesn’t even know about EA’s. Through word of mouth – I never advertised, I supported coaches, trainers, consultants, motivational speakers, directors and list goes on!

In some ways, I started before I was ready, and learned as I went. I believe the “start before you’re ready” mentality is an essential flipside to the same coin of “be prepared”.

First branding myself as Virtually Their Admin and then later Virtual Asset, I soon realized it wasn’t all roses, scenarios took me by surprise such as unpredictable, distracted and disappearing clients, yes – disappearing as in, after one year of working together they take a break.

And my boundaries? I slapped my forehead a lot in those early days, but never gave up easily.

But here I am today a little wiser, with the resurgence of appreciation for the recession-proof VA lifestyle, whether part-time or full-time. It’s how I’m able to stay creative, flexible with my work day and have work/live balance on my own terms. It keeps me nimble without feeling trapped by a dull routine and boredom. Being a VA demands that I think outside the box, and I’m continually inspired by what my clients are doing with their passion. And it’s cool to be a part of that, and support them in ways that makes a difference. The journey continues…

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