Why Hire a Virtual Executive Assistant?

It is not at all easy for a decision-makers to open up to the idea of hiring a Virtual executive assistant, but slowly & gradually they are understanding the benefits of untapped potential to reach greater talent abound. This can be an incredible value-add for businesses who are in coaching or solopreneurs, where they can afford a higher salary or can’t provide a space to sit or training for that matter.

Virtual assistant can also cater those businesses that require specialized skills or capabilities. For example, a business might never find an executive assistant with a background in business development, who has advanced Excel skills, solid visual editing chops, a knack for increasing operational efficiencies, and incredible accounting skills or good payment follow up skills. However, the virtual option makes finding such professional “unicorns” all the more likely.

Virtual assistants put more emphasis on what matters the most- getting the job done. A case study from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business revealed that call centre workers who were allowed to work from home for nine months were 13 percent more productive. They took fewer breaks, had fewer sick days, and took more calls per minute. Participants also reported higher levels of job satisfaction, and the company’s retention of workers improved.

The virtual option can ease the burden, alleviate some risks, and introduce quickened pluses in performance.

Commuting takes lot of time by hiring a virtual assistant that employee happiness. Imagine what not having to deal with a commute does for a team member’s total work day and overall quality of life. In big cities and major metros with expensive and highly populated suburbs, it gets much worse. And more and more employees are dealing with the challenges of the “mega-commute,” driving 90 minutes or more to report for duty.

Add to this the inconvenience of wearing formal clothes, whereas virtual assistant can save time on that too for what matters most is work needs to be done without commuting and without investing on formals this boosts employee enthusiasm, a positive sensibility that reaches throughout the organization, and even the longer work hours that virtual employees voluntarily contribute.

Did you know that a cost of per seat is about Rs 5000-7000 in a co working space? Just imagine by hiring a virtual assistant how much you are saving There are also other hard assets, like furniture and office supplies. Associated expenses for on-site employees—particularly for “best-in-class” employers, can include utilities (lighting, heat and air), parking, snacks, beverages, meals and by hiring a Virtual assistant you are saving all this and still sometimes your office employee is unhappy.

If you’ve been on the fence about hiring new virtual assistants or have been sceptical about allowing your existing team to test it out, maybe it’s time to think again. As these points show, at this stage in time there can be much more to gain than lose by embracing the new possibilities virtual assistants bring.

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